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This is my testimonial for Haz Khan. | have spent many years looking for a therapist that could support me emotionally. Someone who | could be completely unfiltered with. Someone who gave me the calmness, wisdom, coping skills and acceptance i very much craved. A therapist whi could teach me how to love myself as a woman, as a mother (who was burdened with guilt), as a daughter, partner and human being. This therapist was Haz. I had so much unexpressed, emotional pain, ptsd, depression, sexual trauma, and was filled with shame. Haz has been the smartest investment | have ever made. He has taught me how to truly love myself. He has this calming, accepting, non judgemental way about him that instantly allows me to let go of any emotional pain of the past that may be burdening me.

I have truly grown as a therapist myself thanks to Haz and his innate ability to emotional uplift me with very few words.

Writing this means a lot to me, because I can't ever put into words how grateful I am to you Haz. | think you know how much you have helped me and for that I will always be thankful.

Thank you Haz for brightening this world, every day a little more.


Haz!!! Wow! The therapists therapist!

So why have I chosen to invest in Haz…. He’s a therapist that is getting amazing reviews, he has trained in RTT and uses other spiritual and mindfulness tools around this to treat a person holistically: emotionally, behaviourally, mentally and spiritually. He is an earth angel that I have turned to when the process of becoming a therapist has triggered stuff in me- trauma that was too big to rationalise and that only a spiritual approach can allow a reframe, not only this he is someone that I can turn to when I want to discuss how to prepare for a customer to understand their presenting problems from a holistic perspective to add an extra quality and depth to my sessions and someone I go to gain essential knowledge on parenting so I become the change maker and stop inter generational trauma! (I have 3 young kids). He has wisdom coming out of his pores, He’s a beautiful knowledgable soul and i can feel his investment in me. He uses a beautiful blend of theory and practical tools that I can implement in my life and in my business.. Because of Haz I am a better therapist, mother and wife… Everybody needs a Haz!! Thank you Haz.


I had been experiencing dizziness since I gave birth to my little one on the 5th of May 2024,I went to the doctors they weee prescribing me with medication and I didn’t take it,then I was recommend by my mum to go to Haz and talk into further detail about when did my dizziness start etc, When I started my zoom call with Haz I felt like I was in a very safe and comfortable space to talk to Haz,I now after that session things came out I never thought same out and came out that session happier and lighter within myself and I haven’t experienced dizziness since I had my session with Haz

I would really recommend Haz to anyone who has big problem or even the littlest problems because he will make a huge difference


I would like to share my experience of taking sessions with Haz, so that you can benefit from his sessions if you have similar issues. I was introduced to Haz by my very close friend after I had told my friend that I suffer from severe pain and cannot find anything that helps me anymore. My friend knew that I was seeing doctors for many years in various countries and for 10 years no one could help - series of operations, antibiotics, antiviral treatments did not help.

So, I took my chance and saw Haz via video sessions- Haz very kindly listened to my story and started to see what could be done. At first, I wasn’t sure if I would be healed. But Haz believed in my healing. He connected to my subconscious mind and saw what my body did and how it was creating the pain to protect me. At his advice, I started to listen to my body, it's a hard journey but I put my body as a priority and actually I put me as my first priority. Haz taught me to do so with a great patience and then magic started to happen. Slowly but steady. For you, it is extremely important to understand that pain is there for some purpose, some reason and Haz can understand it and support you to take it out. One last, yet, the most important information you need to know - Haz is one of the kindest person I got to meet and already his energy supports in healing me, his care and love - therefore, if you wish to heal yourself, I would more than recommend Haz


I started seeing Haz two months ago and I can’t recommend him enough. He completely changed my life! He replaced my negative core believes with positive ones which has made me feel more optimistic than ever, removed all the negative energy from my body and changed my bad habits (we had one session on my chocolate addition during which Haz helped me discover why I constantly felt the need to eat it and since that session, I have had no cravings at all!). Haz also removed all the sad emotions that were weighing on my heart, which immediately made me feel lighter. My energetic vibrations have reached their all time high and I feel like I have started attracting so much positivity and love. Thank you very much, Haz!

Dr Hussain

Fortunate to get treated by HAZ, immediate relief, got my blocked Nasal system cleared within the first session


I have had 4 sessions with Haz and the outcomes are better than I expected! Instantly I felt very comfortable and safe with Haz, you can sense his spiritual guidance from the very first session. He has done multiple different techniques during some of the sessions which I wouldn’t have thought of but they work! I would definitely recommend going to Haz for anything you need guidance or help with!


I had a severe Back Pain since six months due to a fall from steps in my work place and I took so many Pain Killers and Physiotherapy sessions also but in vain and I got in contact with Haz... then he just Made a visit to my Flat and Given me an hour session and the Evening itself I have noticed the Pain is relieved as if it was removed as a weight from my Head and I Wondered about this wonder happened to me when I was suffering with Pain I could not walk Straight for even ten minutes continuously but after having Haz session for just a day I became straight and free of my back pain and thanks to Haz.


Had an amazing experience with Haz! He is a kind, compassionate and caring person, and that reflects during his sessions. He is a skilled healer and knew exactly where to tap into to heal the problem I had been facing. He has a variety of tools that he uses seamlessly. I recommend him to anyone seeking for a healer! You are in great hands!!! Thank you so much Haz! You are incredible.








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